Innovative approach to Chinese language learning for

busy people

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How does it work?

Edugora language lesson is divided in
2 stages:
Human interaction:
You will have a short (
15 minutes
) video call with a professional Chinese teacher.
Technology interaction:
You will get an
lesson in our mobile APP powered by AI.


Our technology is built to help busy people to learn
relevant language.
You get a combination of technology and real human interaction. So the teacher has to spend less time, and you can learn more.
The lesson in the APP is 100% personalized to your needs. Finally you can study exactly the content that is useful in your life and work.
Traditional language classes are long and boring. You memorize better when you spread the learning throughout the day.
What our students think of us
The App is a merger between a human interaction and computer interaction Chinese learning experience. Taking the teacher aspect but also helps them in creating exercises for the student based on the lesson which i think it's a really important part of it.

Fabian Knopf

The nice thing of this app is that after the online lesson i have the opportunity to keep training on pronouncing sentences related to my life that i couldn't say in a proper way the day before.


Very good as a complement to your studies. Can benefit beginners as well, by giving a taste of the chinese language/culture. If your goal is to reach fluency, full-time studies is the only way since learning chinese is extremely demanding.

Fabian Renoux

A good mix of video content with interactive interfaces like the review lesson that makes it an innovative way of learning Chinese, i will definitely recommend it!


If you don’t have time, no worries!

We designed this experience for busy people like you!
The lesson is just 15 minutes (the time of a break) and is on Wechat (on the go!).
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